Shut the door. Have a seat.

Welcome to the revamped webpage and blog for the Sangamon County Young Democrats. Not to take anything away from our old hosts at Word Press, but this place, thanks to the work of our crack communications team (Dan Lewis, Aaron Ladzinski, and *especially* Liz Mitchell), sure is pretty. More importantly, it's a lot more functional: it's easy to update our upcoming events (Like the Obama-Simon Breakfast!), to post news, and to take your money.

We've had an exciting 2017. We brought in a whole new Exec Board and drafted new bylaws to make sure everyone knew their jobs. We've hosted Meet and Greets for all major candidates for Illinois Governor, we canvassed Springfield for Resistance Illinois, and last weekend we wrapped up our Petition Drive for State Senator Andy Manar.

Are we just getting started? YOU BET. We're hosting a Meet-and-Greet Happy Hour with Andy Manar on Oct. 10. And like we said, our Obama-Simon Breakfast is November 4. As we move into 2018, we'll be hitting the streets to make sure local Democrats get on the ballot, then it's Game On as we make sure Bruce Rauner and Rodney Davis have to find new jobs.

Shoot us an e-mail at to find out how you can get involved.